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Will this be his stand out year?

Hercy and Mercy Miller, with their mom and dad (Master P) and Sonja

Hercy Miller (15) and Mercy Miller (25) poise with their parents (Master P) and Sonja Miller after a big win (2020)

Miller Boys Basketball Family

With the Hercy and Mercy Miller, moving to Minnesota with their dad Master P, who would've known that they would make such a name for themselves in this short of time. Going into his senior year, Hercy Miller is apart of an all star team. With number one ranked player in the nation #ChetHolmgren they have a great deal of expectations to live up to.

Hercy has a very skilled game, with heart and grit to match. Some of the skill sets you notice while watching him play is he is very strong on defense, and he is also looking to pass first before shooting. With that being said, he does have range behind the three point line.

From the above video you can see the talent. With proper work in the off season, plus dedication to his craft we could be looking at a future star. Mercy Miller, is still young and developing (freshman) this year but also shows a lot of promise.

Playing JV as an 8th grader is a great way to develop your game, and deal with better competition. If there is one thing to note, that this season 2020-2021 will be very interesting.

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