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My 7 0n 7 Event

Closer look at the Minnesota Talent as the High School Football league starts in October, 2020.

Eastview lined up against Mathomedi

High School Sports Network, was in hand for the "7 on 7 football league" game in Eden Prairie, at the Minnesota Vikings old practice arena. It was a beautiful fall day, with a lot of great young talented individuals. A few teams stood out more than others.

Although the games were played with out the offense or defense of line which makes a huge difference. But from looking at the standpoint of receivers, and quarterbacks I was able to get a glance of what should be a very exciting season.

One of the teams that seemed to be clicking was Eastview. With a very strong receiving core, and solid cornerback play; they are showing great promise.

Two other teams with strong showings, St. Louis Park, and Minneapolis Southwest Lakers.

The Lakers not known for being a strong football program, showed promise. We will see if the momentum from 7 on 7 translates into a successful season.

Appreciate my 7 on 7 for showcasing such great talent all across the states, allowing the athletes stay busy and sharpen their skills.

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