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Football season returns - October 2020

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Eden Prairie coach speaking with his players after a game that didn't go their way.

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When you think of the fall, you think of leaves falling, hoodies, pumpkin spice, beautiful trees, scary movies, and of course; football. For a month it looked like we would not be getting football in the fall. But as unpredictable as 2020 has been, nothing is off the table.

Now that we know football will be played coming in a few weeks; High School Sports Network would like to make some early predictions on the schools we think we make a run for the championship.

Eden Prairie


Robbinsdale Cooper

Lakeville North

Benilde St. Margaret

Maple Grove

These schools have been extremely dominate over the past two decades so when picking them before the season starts, is always a safe bet. I would like to make some predictions of who I think will have a stand out season.


St. Louis Park

Minneapolis Southwest

Minneapolis North


It is very premature to give these thoughts out. But being around the sport and understanding how anything can happen, I would Love to look back and see how my predictions turned out.

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